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The Peace Farm was established in 1986 as an information source about the Pantex Plant and to stand as a visible witness against the weapons of mass destruction being assembled there. The Farm consisted of 20 acres and now is one acre of land on the southern boundary of Pantex. Because it is located adjacent to the plant, the Peace Farm has legal and regulatory rights not shared by more distant organizations, and thus plays a unique role in empowering those who would see a world free of nuclear weapons.

Since its founding, the Peace Farm has been involved in educational, protest and advocacy work on a wide range of peace, social justice and environmental issues. We have hosted practiccus for college students and spiritual and educational activities for the community. The Peace Farm works closely with other organizations located near Department of Energy facilities , and with both religious and secular national peace and justice organizations. We are a membership organization, with members across the state and region, as well the Panhandle area.