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Pantex Plant is located 16 miles northeast of Amarillo, Texas.

Pantex is the assembly and disassembly facility for U.S. nuclear weapons. It is also responsible for weapons surveillance and stockpile maintenance, including weapons upgrade and life extension programs. Work scheduled through 2007 includes upgrades on the B-61, W-80, and W-76.

Pantex manufactures and tests high explosives for nuclear weapons and stores some 13,000 plutonium pits. Some are slated for disposition as MOX fuel and those in reserve are for reuse in nuclear weapons.

Work that is underway or projected includes implementation of new technologies, consolidation of operations into newer facilities and replacement of obsolete structures with upgraded, modern facilities. Included is movement of high explosives activities to enable increased capacity and upgrade of five production cells. It also includes upgrade of the pit requalification facility, enabling approximately 350 pits per year to be used for rebuilding war reserve weapons.Pantex History – “Host and Hostage”: Pantex and the Texas Panhandle.

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