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Dear Peace Farm friends,

As I'm sure you know, the dangers of nuclear weapons continue to be with us. Russia and the U.S. are still on hair trigger for nuclear obliteration, and the Ukraine situation has reminded people of that reality. We want the Peace Farm to be a local and viable part of the antinuclear network throughout the nation and the world. So we plan to continue to represent this area where all U.S. nuclear bombs are assembled. If you are able to support us monetarily, please send your contribution to: The Peace Farm, Box 4130 , Amarillo, TX 79116-4130 .. You can also pay online at peacefarm.us.

Please let us know any ideas you have about our work and mission. If you want to be involved in some way, we would like to know that, too.

Thanks for all you've done to make our world the place of peace and life for our next generations!


The Peace Farm Board