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Virtual Advocacy for “Safety, Security, and Savings” at ANA DC Days:

May 26, 2021

Members of the Peace Farm virtually visited Washington, DC this month to participate in the Alliance for Nuclear Accountability’s “DC Days,” an annual event where organizations from across the nation, whose members are directly affected by nuclear weapons production and the incidental health and environmental consequences, make their voice heard to federal policy makers.

Detonate Open-Air Bomb Tests at Livermore Lab’s Site 300

The Peace Farm is pushing for safe and secure toxic cleanup and prioritizing public health while saving billions by terminating ill-conceived new nuclear weapons programs.

The Alliance for Nuclear Accountability’s new report, “Safety, Security, and Savings” marks the foundation of our 2021 advocacy. Each Biden Administration official and member of Congress with whom we meet gets a copy – and so do our members and friends (see below). The report includes a series of fact sheets and recommendations covering new warheads, bomb plants, nuclear waste, cleanup, and more.

CLICK HERE for the full report.