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Join Us Online to Comment on the Holtec and Waste Control Specialists/ISP proposed NUCLEAR DUMPS in NM & TX – and the Dangerous Nuclear Transport Through the Whole Country to Get There!

Join Texans–SEED Coalition and 15 other sponsoring groups on Thursday evening Sept 17th at 7 Central time for a ZOOM comment letter writing party–bring your own drinks, snacks and computer or tablet or phone to send comments to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission on both the Holtec (NM) and Waste Control Specialists/WCS ISP (Texas) draft environmental impacts statements AND a letter to your US Representative. We will write, chat and send together via email or www.regulations.gov

The link is:   https://tinyurl.com/NoNuclearWaste 

LET’S GIVE INPUT THIS WEEK together with each other online live!

TWO illegal Nuclear Waste Consolidated “Interim” Storage sites for nuclear power high level waste/irradiated (‘spent’) nuclear fuel are targeted for–> Texas (company: WCS/ISP) and–> New Mexico (company: Holtec) for nuclear power high level waste/irradiated (‘spent’) nuclear fuel and–> the REST of the COUNTRY as the waste must travel to get there through or near YOUR state and region on rails/roads/waterways regularlyover the next 40+ years if they open. The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) is processing both applications, has dismissed all intervenors and their objections,and is now asking for public input on the environmental impacts. Comments are due soon on the Draft Environmental Impact Statements (9-22-2020 on Holtec and 11-3-2020 on WCS ISP).The draft statements both ridiculously claim that most environmental impacts will be ‘small,’ and a very few ‘moderate.’This is for transport and storage of over 90% of the radioactivity in the nuclear power and weapons fuel chain! It cannot be so minimal. LET’S GIVE INPUT THIS WEEK together with each other online live—DETAILS and Links for more info BELOW: (1) TEXAS and NM letter comment writing party THURS SEPT 17th Texas and New Mexico are targeted to become nuclear waste dumps, but we can help protect our communities, as well as others across the nation who are at risk from the transport of deadly high-level radioactive waste. Thousands of shipments could occur, over decades, if we don’t act now to halt two dangerous proposals. YOU’RE INVITED Thursday September 17th at 8 PM Eastern/7PM Central/6 PM Mountain/ 6PM Pacific time to an online letter-writing party.. .Grab a drink and snacks and join us!  We’ll show you an easy way to take action.  Together we can prevent environmental injustice and protect our health and safety!  And say hello to friends along the way. The link is https://tinyurl.com/NoNuclearWaste Looking forward to seeing you!  Karen Hadden, SEED Coalition, karendhadden@gmail.com More information at www.nonuclearwaste.org